Landscape Maintenance

Services Include

Every lawn is different, and maintaining a healthy, verdant yard requires careful attention. Reynolds Landscape and Pools provides customized lawn care to ensure your yard stays trimmed, lush, and beautiful. As part of our comprehensive service package, we continually monitor for signs of invasive species, like chickweed, crabgrass, clover, and dandelions.
Our team of experienced landscapers, gardeners, and lawn care professionals provide thorough flowerbed maintenance, to include pruning, weed management, nutrient monitoring, and diagnostic and preventative care. The Reynolds Landscape and Pools promise means your plants will not only look better, but live longer, guaranteed.
Healthy trees are vital to the appeal of your home’s exterior, lending beauty and balance to your landscape’s composition. Reynolds Landscape and Pools takes a conscientious approach to caring for your trees. From fall fertilization to wilt treatment, our studied team of tree care experts work to keep your trees vibrant and thriving through preventative diagnostics and nutrient management. Our pruning services maintain the structural stability of your trees, ensuring the safety of your home and overhead structures, and that your property remains compliant with HOA and city requirements.
Your automatic irrigation system needs regular maintenance to keep your lawn and garden verdant and lush. Our team of lawn care professionals perform regular inspections of all irrigation system components, ensuring no leaks have developed and that system timers are functioning properly. Reynolds Landscape and Pools also offers comprehensive winterization services.

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The Reynolds Difference

Reynolds Landscape and Pools takes a diagnostic approach to landscape maintenance. We adhere to preventive care principles that assure the vibrance of your lawn, trees, and gardens by stopping problems associated with invasive species, fungus, and disease before they start. Our team of experts provide a suite of landscape care solutions that you won’t find with your typical mow-and-blow outfits. We take pride in our work, and in the beauty and health of your outdoor living spaces–that’s the Reynolds difference.

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