Top 5 Landscaping and Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

Now that the fall season is in full swing, it’s time to start preparing your outdoor living spaces for the winter ahead. Here are a few fall and winter landscaping tips to keep your home looking amazing. Prune Trees, Shrubs, Roses Fall and winter are a perfect time for pruning, helping to promote fast regrowth […]

Fall Bulb Planting for Beautiful Spring Flower Beds

Daffodils and tulips are one of the earliest signals that winter is over and spring is starting to blossom. Many homeowners fail to realize, though, the forethought that goes into achieving a wonderful springtime palette. If you’re looking for the vibrant colors of bulbs to awake your garden from its winter sleep, you have to […]

Choosing Plants for Fall Color: Planting Tips and More

Fall is here! In Texas that means two things: you can finally go outside; and it’s time to start making decorative plant choices in all your favorite fall colors. We’ve put together this quick guide covering optimal planting periods, and we’ve included some of our favorite plant choices as well. When to Plant Many landscape […]

Keeping Cool in August: Annual Plants for Your Pergola

Pergolas Short on shade this summer? Overhead structures, like pergolas, are a beautiful and practical addition to your outdoor space, providing much needed relief from the hot August sunshine and a stunning focal point for your home’s exterior. Whether you’re adding-on to an existing patio or building a free-standing structure, pergolas are a simple yet […]

Container Gardening: Convenient, Elegant, Eco-Friendly

A Low Maintenance Alternative to “Traditional” Gardening   Looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor living space without all the hassle of actually having to plant a garden? If your answer is “yes”, then containerized planting may be just the thing for you.   Container gardening has been around for thousands of years, […]

Texas Summer Series: Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Water use is destined to become a big issue for North Texans. With an average of 3 inches less rain every year for the last decade, our water situation has slowly become more and more perilous. This year, low levels of projected rainfall coupled with higher than average temperatures are going to put a strain […]

Custom Swimming Pool & Water Feature Design: Create Your Own Summer Oasis

Cool off with a fresh pool or water feature design this summer. Pool design can be as detailed as high fashion, car detailing, or architecture. Pools and water features require an appropriate balance of aesthetic and functionality. The balance changes year-to-year with the appearance of new trends and features. Planning your new water features before […]

Texas Summer Series: Best Seasonal Plants for North Texas Summers

Alright, we’re going to put it to you straight. There are thousands of native flowers, trees, and grasses that could qualify as great seasonal plants for Texas summers. We call them the “best” because these are plants we’ve seen perform consistently well. Between their water tolerance, size, proliferation, and personal beauty, these are some Texas […]

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design: Xeriscaping

What is Xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is the idea of landscaping in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental watering. Xeri  comes from xeros– a Greek root word meaning “dry”.  There are two basic ways to accomplish this- Use native plants in the landscape design; this provides assurance that the plants are best adapted to the […]

Seasonal Color and Flowering Trees- Spring Landscape Design

Take advantage of spring’s arrival with new flowering trees. Winter is finally over!  You never know what this Texas weather will throw at your spring landscape design, so strike now while the iron (and the weather) is hot. Flowering trees such as dogwoods, crepe myrtles, and japanese cherry will make a great addition to any […]