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Our Story

Founded in 1999 by Master Designer, Carl Reynolds, for 14 years Reynolds Landscape and Pools has served as the landscape design firm of choice for family homes around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The Reynolds Landscape and Pools team of design, construction, and maintenance experts have been working together since the founding of the company to plan uniquely crafted, tastefully executed, and expertly maintained home exteriors.

Carl established his company around the principle of end-to-end, personalized service. Reynolds Landscape and Pools believes that the relationship between a landscape architecture firm and their clients doesn’t stop after design and installation is complete–it begins there. Carl and his crew take pride in the stewardship of your home’s outdoor living space, nurturing your landscape throughout its lifespan via an individualized maintenance plan. Our passion, our purpose, is service–that’s the Reynolds difference.

Carl ReynoldsOwner / Director / Principal Designer
Melanie ReynoldsDirector of Sales

Carl Reynolds, Sr.Co-Owner
Emily BurlbawBookkeeper / Office Manager
Aparna PottabathniDesigner

No grass really likes shaded areas, however, some do tolerate shade better than others. Palisade Zoysia, developed by TAMU, is our favorite shade tolerant variety. We love it for its low-light and heat tolerance, hardiness in colder conditions, and low water consumption. Overall, its an excellent low maintenance lawn grass.
That’s a fairly complex question, and the answer can get somewhat nuanced. In general, you want to choose high quality, frost-proof cast stone, glazed clay, or terracotta planters. We purchase our pots from Jackson Pottery, located on Lemmon Ave. in Dallas, TX, and have been thrilled with the longevity of their products.
The trick is a combination of properly prepared pots, drip irrigation, and well-drained soil.
In short, yes. Drip irrigation systems a wonderful way to cut long term water costs. They’re also great for the drought prone, and water-restricted areas around North Texas.